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The best laptops

Do you want to get a good laptop? Then surely you’ll ask yourself: who is the best?
The answer differs, depending on what you want to do with him, depending on the budget.
Everyone has preferences, wants more than to play, others to look at films, use it for programs. Many gamers will advise you to use a desktop, not a laptop if you want to use for games, because a laptop does not compare with the performance of a desktop when it comes to games. For editing, modeling 3D, it is also recommended that a desktop or if you still want a laptop, it’ll be with IPS panel.
You can consider what you want to buy, laptops for a low frequency of usage, I mean only on internet pages, social networking sites and storage, laptop for medium frequency of use used for movies, the modification of complex documents, or laptop for the high frequency of use, when you want to use multiple programs simultaneously, open multiple browsers, to convert photo and video images.
We can invest in a laptop with the software components and hardware, choosing screens with higher resolutions, and memories of large, powerful processors, storage space as large as possible.
• If we talk about the category of notebooks, laptops standard, they are portable computers with a display, keyboard and pad which is used as a mouse. Can be used as a computer classic, with the advantage that they are mobile, can be transported with ease in the other hand.
• An ultrabook is a notebook, only that it is much thinner, it is considered more powerful, with top performance.
• Laptop 2 in 1 combines the tablet with the power of a laptop. It is called laptop hybrid or convertible because the keyboard can be detached. This type of laptop screen is touch, using it as a tablet, being framed in the category of laptops semi-performing.
• Laptop for gaming is specifically designed to support demanding games, which need performance. The laptops sets itself apart through the video cards on high end. For gaming laptops the producers focused and on the speaker audio good, screens of larger sizes and resolutions very good.
The size of a screen can vary between 10 and 17 inches. If you are working photos and videos or playing games, you need screens as large as possible, but the larger size of the display consume much more energy.
Screen resolution playback image quality. When the number of pixels is higher, the image quality is much better, but the same resolution will see different on the crane’s dimensions different.
The laptops HD resolution standard, sufficient for browsing the internet.
Laptops Full HD have a resolution very smooth, having a extraordinary quality of image.
The laptops QHD are a category midway between Full HD and 4K, being but rarely used in laptops, but are considered to be useful for that have many pixels and display the smallest details.
The laptops 4K Ultra HD are the latest technology, being capable to replicate every detail, and the colors are very expressive.
The screens are:
– Led
– Touch
Processors determine the complexity of the programs, of applications, their speed. They are:
1. Intel Processors:
– Processor Intel Core i3
– Processor Intel Core i5
– Processor Intel Core i7
– Intel Core M Processor
2. AMD processors:
-FX for gaming
RAM has a minimum of 2 GB and can grow depending on how it is needed.
Internal memory storage can be added later, such as an SSD is the best choice, not too noisy and not too thick.
Operating systems can be : Windows and OS X.
OLED technology reproduces in full the whole palette of colors, making your images look like in real life.
We have to be careful and what ports we choose to have our laptop, what type of loading, what type of mouse pad and what cooler it has.
Consequently, when we decide to take a laptop on which to use it to more complicated things, we have to be very demanding and have a budget big enough to meet the requirements.

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