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How do you learn programming in IT

Surely if you’re reading this article, do not pass a day in your life without using software applications. Even if we are talking about phones, tablet or PC, software programs are present. There are many people who dream to have the skills of the programmer. Of course, there are some who want to create their own app. You’ll probably laugh hard when we start to learn or maybe even impossible, but you got a put a little effort to understand, if you really want this.
I was talking about effort for that’s what this is about. If you don’t put in effort don’t succeed anything, even when it’s really the lifestyle, the way you look, in everything what you want to achieve you need to deposit at least a minimum of effort.
Maybe not everyone will be attracted by the programming, but the greatest opportunities in IT have programmers. As a programmer you can create a web site, like this one on which you’re reading the present article. Today almost every company has a website, there are many personal blogs, the lives runs very much on the internet, on sites, to communicate, to read news, send emails, to play. All interact through a browser, who already know them definitely: Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari.
To become a programmer of desktop applications, we need to know text editors, video players, video games and other applications. Programming languages are : Java, C#, C++, Objective-C, On the basis of it all was the C programming language, especially for business involving an interaction faster between hardware and software.
To program applications for mobile need to know Java in case you would like to work with the system of similar Android and Objective-C for iOS. Although they seem different, they are based on the fundamental concepts of programming. May differ only in systems on which it runs, the programming language, the form in which it shows.
You can even teach yourself the basics without having specialized education, with the condition to be passionate, ambitious and motivated, to have the time necessary to learn. Are the necessary minimum 6 months of effort to become a programmer good. You can start by learning the language Python, a language more easy, but the ones listed above. You can learn from books, tutorials, but with a lot of practice. To be able to hold things, you need IT to have a logic thinking, to express yourself in the algorithms, the language of the respective programming. The most popular languages are C, C#, Java and JavaScript, but there are others: Ruby, Haskell, Scheme, HTML/CSS.
For video games the language the most important is C++ because it offers performance, ease and expressiveness. Python is used in some categories of plugins.
My opinion is that every person who has contact with a computer should have the minimum knowledge of programming as you develop the ability of thinking. So you don’t do the same thing multiple times, you can use an algorithm to ease the work.
Microsoft Virtual Academy contains tutorials for many of the technologies from which you can learn to build web applications, mobile, Windows, Android and iOS, cloud, games and more. Here are tutorials for both beginners and for the advanced.
On StackOverflow you can find answers to questions or you can even address you questions.
Code.org help with basic algorithms.
Surely this is just the beginning, and along the way you get, depends on how you want to learn, you will be able to get to another level, searching various sites from where to learn other things more useful, depending on your desires. Once you get a taste and manage to handle it pretty well, you’ll want to move up, definitely.

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