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What is a NFC?

How likely have you ever wondered what is a NFC, this function that we find in the descriptions of most of the phones, I decided today to talk a little bit about it.
This option is used both to mobile phones and to tablets, computers, credit cards or cars. With this function you can make the transfer of contacts and web pages, pay without contact, mate devices, transfer files. This function can have and uses experimental, being used to make the checking of the access and security, to verify a person’s identity and provide the access they not in an office building for example.
Airline Iberia of Spain has created a partnership with Samsung and they offered the possibility trip to store information on the cartel boarding pass on Samsung phones with NFC. They can climb in the plane using NFC without using the cartel printed at the counter boarding pass.
Of course there is a problem, unfortunately NFC does not offer security and protection for the data, just the fact that it doesn’t offer connection than the distant short. This option is vulnerable to many types of attacks information.
There are mobile phones with operating system Windows and Android based on NFC. The people at Apple have decided not to adopt this technology on their devices.
NFC is a technology that has chips liabilities, which are implemented in several objects, what is activated when passing through an electromagnetic field. They are integrated in the lid of plastic or polycarbonate of a mobile phone or another gadget. A metal housing can not accommodate a NFC, because it blocks the signal. Google introduced the function Google Beam, allowing you to select the image from gallery, choose to send it through the Beam and near the two phones. Headphones with support Bluetooth can I have this option of NFC. All you have to do is to touch them in the area of the symbol and to make the connection. The same can be done with devices that have WiFi mode. Cameras for the Sony QX10 and QX100 transmit information through the wireless network. To be able to connect to a mobile phone without NFC, you have to activate the wireless module, to enter the password and then launch the application with which it is controlled the camera.
Some routers performance allow you to connect a smartphone via NFC.
All the NFC module turn your mobile phone into a virtual wallet. A app secure will upload the information, and a new system of POS without the contact you can read with the consent of the owner. The transfer brief will be mediated by the NFC module. Google Wallet is a service that offers this feature. Banks are beginning slowly but surely to implement this type of service.
Some manufacturers of mobile phones offer in the package NFC tags. They can active automatically a whole series of settings and applications on your mobile phone. If you need to not be disturbed in the office by phone or enter in a space where it is not allowed to use the phone, you can switch the phone over this tag and it will active profile vibration, it will disable the 3G and turn on Wifi.
I talked here about the most important applications of NFC, they easing many of the daily activities related to the mobile phone.

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