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Microsoft and the gadgets

When we talk about a smartphone out of the Nokia that works with Microsoft or any other smartphone that has Android, and in a case and in the other we have to do with Microsoft.
Thus we find that Microsoft Launcher becomes very communicative with those who use Android and computers with Windows operating system. Microsoft Launcher is an alternative success on Android phones. It allows you to access pictures, documents or any open tab in the browser and then when you continue the activity in front of the pc. You can access the files in your feed-website of the phone to be able to open them on your phone. Similar to Windows 10, where we create shortcuts for the applications, Android users can make shortcuts to contacts in the main screen. Those who already have Arrow Launcher will receive an update, being downloaded from Google Play.
How well I knew that phones from Microsoft and Android, Microsoft Edge with exclusive Windows 10, has not had the desired success. After this failure with the mobile platform, Microsoft has brought a portfolio of several platforms, starting with Microsoft Office, Cortana, having in plan the Edge browser, available in the Beta version and on Android and iOS. Versions unofficial Microsoft Egde for Windows are available via the Windows Insiders, and those who own iOS and Android have Testflight and testing service from Google Play.
The new versions of Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android take over the interface, the function of the synchronization of passwords, bookmarks with the PC version. The for mobile have in addition a function for scanning QR codes. Compatibility for smartphones is limited. Before the end of this year will be launched Microsoft to the Edge, for iOS and Android.
Windows phone 7 have not been updated to Windows 8, and the terminals with WP 8.1 have not received the update to Windows 10.
Groove music was dark and all I used were resettled on Spotify. The app Groove Music will not work until the end of this year. The only powerful product of Microsoft about Xbox.
Xbox One X was released in the summer of this year and is the most powerful games console existing on the market, with processor AMD Jaguar with 8 cores. Is able to play video in 4K UHD at 60 fps, and the first deliveries will be made starting with the date of November 7 this year, at the price of $ 500.
Bill Gates is the co-founder of Microsoft and is one of the richest men on the planet, he’s admitting that owns a smartphone with Android, but contains very many Microsoft applications, as it’s the Samsung Galaxy S8 Microsoft Edition times Galaxy S8 Plus Microsoft Edition, with numerous preinstalled applications: One Drive, Skype, Office, Outlook and Cortana.
It is said that will appear Surface Phone from Microsoft and have been a few rumors about this phone, as being already present a copy in the campuses. They say it will be expensive as the Surface Book, but you pay extra receiving equipment premium.
Surface Phone is rumored as being a flexible smartphone which is made tablet, making the Surface Phone Notes, but many products start such and stay only at the concept stage.
Design website will have the corners curved, a pair of integrated cameras, support Mixed Reality ( VR and AR), will have a Surface Pen, the phone will be made of metal and a portion of the central flexible, and the price is estimated at approximately $ 1,000.
I don’t know if it will be released, how successful that will be considering that is more like a mini tablet than a phone, but we’ll see if indeed the rumors will be confirmed, because since autumn of 2016 is rumored about this model from Microsoft.

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