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IPhone X and latest models

Theatre named after Steve Jobs hosted the official launch of the Iphone X, Iphone 8 and Iphone 8 Plus, from Apple.
After a few days in which he just found out how they will look, I found out that the last generation will be called X. there Will be pros and cons relating to the final model, as you can never make anyone.
Iphone X is presented with a screen of 5.8 inches resolution Super the Retina and is the OLED manufactured by the Samsung, stretching out all over the face. It is a phone water and dust resistant, has wireless charging, using the Qi standard, which is good because it can be loaded with stands wireless Qi common, which works with any compatible phone, uses IOS 11, the proximity sensors and brightness. The speakerphone for calls, the sensors and front facing camera have been grouped on a bar which looks to be cut from the upper part of the screen. Frames are narrowed, the Home button only is, the one who makes the authentication on the basis of the imprint. Place the sensor of the fingerprint is taken from the Do ID, the system of facial recognition which uses a camera with infrared. Do ID is used for unlocking, the access to certain applications, for electronic payments through the Apple Play store. What is achieved by the Home button is now achieved through intuitive gestures drawn with your finger on the screen. Has 3 GB memory RAM, the new chipset A11 , composed of 6 cores get a sport of 25% of the speed, and the graphics chip is faster than the previous version. With the camera of the Iphone X you can take good pictures on low light, including portrait, work very well with applications of virtual reality. The front Camera makes very good photos and thanks to the option of Portrait Lighting. The phone has a engine neural which uses learning artificial to recognize the user’s face. It makes 600 billion operations per second, recognizing the face and if we change our hairstyle, we have the hat or wear later glasses. By the side button you can talk directly to Siri, has 3D Touch supporting video resolution HDR. The housing is made of steel. He shows minutes 10, not X, alluding to the anniversary year, from the first Iphone launch.
Iphone 8 and 8 keeps the same design of the old models, but with comoponents superior. For Iphone X is a new design, which is the first novelty after three years in a row in which he used the same design.
Are made of aluminum and glass, ensuring that it is the most resistant glass mounted ever on a mobile phone. The screen of the new models is called True Tone, which adjusts the color temperature depending on the brightness characteristics of the environment.They have a new option Portrait Lighting, which can change the brightness while you take the picture.
Cameras have 12 MP filming in 1080p with 240 frames per second and 4K with 60 frames per second. The Camera is calibrated.
The price of the Iphone 8 is $ 699, and the Iphone 8 Plus 799 dollars, the variants of 64 GB. Iphone X cost 999 dollars, all with variations of 256 GB, models IPhone 8 and IPhone 8 Plus available starting with September 22, and Iphone X starting with 3 November.
They announce the Apple Watch series 3, with Cellular, it can be used as a phone. Will be 70% faster and will work with Siri through voice command. You will have a system more efficient cardiac monitoring, users are warned when they have an abnormal heart rhythm, him measuring and blood glucose levels, blood pressure.
If you notice well, at least the new IPhone model X has a lot of new options and is ultra efficient. The list that we characterized is quite long. Definitely sales will be very large, at least in this model.

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