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Applications of smartphones

When we talk about applications, they do not necessarily have to be for fun but also to make life easier for users.
So we’re just a bunch of useful applications:
• Dark Sky is an app that tell us the weather, when it snows or rain, providing predictions to the minute. She is available for a surcharge, around$ 3.99 for IOS.
• Yahoo Wather is a free application for IOS and Android, an app which received numerous awards as well as being very useful.
• Sky Guide is an app for astronomy, using the camera to locate the stars, planets, constellations, costing 1.99$, available all on IOS.
• Venmo helps you to pay directly from your phone, by connecting to your account, being very safe, free and available both on IOS and on Android.
• Level Money helps the users to control the budget that we have, linking to the bank account and saying how much money you can spend in a single day, taking into account how much you earn in a month, how much you spend and how much you want to save. If one day you surpass the limit, the app recalculates and tells you how you can recover. Is free and available for IOS and Android.
• Fly Cleaners is a app that you make time to wash your clothes, a free application for IOS and Android.
• 1 Password and Last Pass are two applications that memorizes all your passwords on gadgets, you can only memorize a master password and the app takes care of the rest. Password is available on IOS at surcharge, on free Android, and on Mac and Windows cost quite a lot, around$50.
Last Pass is available on IOS, Android and Windows for free.
• Timeful is a calendar that combines the things we need to do. The algorithm learn how to fix it and gives you suggestions how to do, being free on Android and IOS.
• Square help you to make card payments using a reader that is inserted into the port for the headphones, you can register for free and the app sends the reader free credit card. It is a application for free on Android and IOS.
• Skype is a free application very known, being the bua for messages and video calls,.
• Humin reminds you the details about how you met someone and where. If you know the number of your phone, Humin takes care of the rest, being a free application.
• Google Chrome says that it is the best browser for your smartphone, being free.
For Android the following applications are very useful:
• Team Viewer can connect your smartphone with your tablet or laptop, being a free application on the Play Store that ask for a Pin code. After you have chosen your numbers, you can transfer documents and files in the new folders.
• The Tinny Scanner is a PDF scanner for documents and photos in black and white format.
• Greenify is an app which optimizes performance and improves battery life, to help you to enter the hibernation mode, such as applications unused very often are prevented from in the background to start.
• Whatapp is a very well known who has a few secrets of the Android users should keep in mind: don’t leave your photos to save in your phone gallery, to block Whatsapp to maintain the private environment, putting a password, you can use the app on two phones at the same time, you can hide the picture and the status related to the last activity, you can stop the sounds of the conversations of the group.
• Applications about weather on Android we can choose between the YoWindow, Simple Weather, Weather(Free version Premium), Transparent clock&weather, Yahoo Weather.
1. Yo Weather is an app that looks very good, with small icons representing cartoon characters which reflect the condition of the weather.
2. Simple Weather is a simple app, as the name says.
3. Morecast is an app about the weather, which appears in a list on the vertical, which once you have given the scroll, you will find out in more detail the state of the weather on the current day, next day and on the seven days of the week.
4. Transparent Clock&Weather is a transparent clock that includes weather, displaying also the battery level, next alarm and next calendar event. Has several aspects, which can set the color, transparency.
5. Yahoo Weather has a background that changes very often.

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