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Cable internet and ways of data storage

When we talk about applications for the gadgets, definitely not we know that they work with some special cables. The choice of coaxial cable can be difficult.
A RG coaxial cable is used to differentiate it from other cables. RG means guide radio. The most often used ones are RG 59 and RG 6.
• Coaxial cable RG-6 is a cable very effective, made to stand up to the level of the requirements imposed by the satellite signals and the internet with broadband. Has a conductor larger, which provides a much better quality of the signal, also the insulation of the electric being thicker, thus protecting the electronic devices sensitive. It is designed with a different kind of shielding, which allows to drive the most effective level signals Ghz. It is a good choice for the system of CATV, for connection type satellite, for TV antenna or broadband connection.
The shielding prevents signal attenuation, so it keeps its quality. These cables coaxial come with two types of shielding: double and quad.
The shielding double has a shield of foil glued under a braided metal. Shielding Quad has more layers and a degree of protection higher.
As the cable length is greater, the more it will attenuate the signal. Co-axial cables are for interior, exterior, cable halogen-Free, Class and cClasa A++.
Let’s talk a little about sarinile important that involve the use of a laptop. You don’t have to get rid of view of making a backup for your important data and files on the hard drive. An error in the hard disk may lead to loss of important files if you don’t I realized this backup periodically.
Options back-up are:
• Back up on an external hard drive, being one of the most widely used methods for the hard disk drive has large capacity and is easily stored. The most common is to store on an external hard drive, because these devices have a special software that can make backup automatically, but some don’t agree with using it in this way. Files can be transferred with drag and drop or copy-paste.A harddisk doesn’t cost much, so it is a very good option.
• Back-up online can be done on dropbox, but can’t upload free very many files than 2 GB. Cabron is another solution, but definitely on the internet you can find and others.
• Windows back-up is an older version. Windows 7 and 8 have made improvements in this area.
• Usb flash have storage capacity more small, but they are found and memory is very high, but there have been cases when they have failed and have lost all the data.
• Network Attached Storage is an option more complex that is used especially to companies.
Now the question is how do we store free photos, videos on a mobile phone?
You need a Google account and access the Google site Photos, there is an app for IOS and Android, this loading images automatically. You just need to provide access to location, photos, notifications, in order for the program to be able to do the job. You can set it to make only when you have access to Wi-Fi, in order not to consume too much of data subscription or sim card. There are also disadvantages, the quality of the photos decreased a little. You can access your photos only if you have access to the internet. The organization that you have in the phone, it is not the same with the one in the Google photos, and if you want to find a certain photo or video, you will need to know your date.
One advantage is that you can try to find him admitting animals, events, locations. Google makes a video automatically, you give a few suggestions and you have them sorted in albums, as you to find them easier after certain criteria.
System but evolves and year by year is bringing improvements that help us to store what we have, to clear the memory of the gadgets.

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