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Applications that hampers the functionality of smartphones

You definitely want your phone to have as many applications that you can use, but you should know that many of them consume a lot of resources on your phone. That’s why we should know which applications require the highest data traffic.
• The performance of a smartphone decreases when you install applications that are not optimized properly, this leading to consuming more fast battery, traffic data, of computing resources, affecting the entire system.
You can enter in the setup menu, system and battery of the phone which has Android. Here we show that it is the state of the battery, which can see which application consume the most.
If an application that you have installed, see that you consume a lot of resource, you can replace it with another similar if this is possible.
In a study it has been observed that the applications that consume the battery the most are: Facebook, Waze, WhatsApp, Olx and others. It will be noted that the social networks consumes a lot of resources and definitely not them we will replace with others.
• To find out which are the programs that consume most of the data it is necessary to go into settings, Network Connections, data usage, and we can see the statistics on the period. Applications with photos consume the most data, where again, social networks will be in the top.
• Applications that affect the most the performance can not be shown in the menu, but we can notice when you install an app if the phone starts only go so fast as before and you should uninstall it. Many applications running in the background and with time your phone will be affected.
You don’t need to keep apps installed if I don’t use them. They must be removed so that we could have a phone that let us function at normal parameters. If we don’t make it after uninstall to get the performance as close to the time when it was new, then it would be appropriate to give a factory reset.
Can someone else let us use the phone or computer and let us walk in the settings and not only. There are programs that can provide a measure of protection, paroland certain guidelines. Among them are at least two that can be installed for free on your laptop or desktop:
1. Folder Protector that’s in the paid version. To be able to use this program you have to select the file you want to protect him, to enter the two passwords and click Protect. So do an encryption to the director, respectively, in which stood a small file executable.
2. Folder Lock does not encrypt the data, but hide them. All you have to do is open this app, select the files desired to be protected. When you close the app files remain protected. They will not be able to be opened only with the password when you open Folder Lock.
3. WinRar is already installed with safety in your laptop and follow the normal steps when using this archiver, except that you select ` set password` and enter the password twice. Here you can hide and type files, so if someone entered in your laptop may not know what files exist.
It can encrypt a USB stick. On it you can encrypt with TrueCrypt.
The internal memory of a phone and Ram for an Android can be released as the phone to work better. You can move apps that support this, on the memory of the microSD card, but the application will run slower, because the speed of the SD card is smaller than the internal of the phone.
You can delete the Cache and sites that upload very much memory. You can install the App Cache Cleaner and at a certain interval to empty the cache.
So there are many solutions and programs that you can use for various things.

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