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What did we learn on the internet?

As far as we know, very many Yahoo accounts have been hacked. Yahoo has admitted it should not have to reset the password of the affected. According to the decision of the court all e-mails received through the service are tracked. It is recommended if when there are problems to be removed accounts, do not reset passwords.
Many Android users have complained that they cannot connect to the e-mail address, defending a sync error. If there are such problems must be to know that they do not pass by itself. You need to connect your laptop or desktop and get on the wheel in the top right of the mail window, by clicking on Account Info, then Account Security, you need to make sure that it is set two step verification, but to be connected the `Allow apps that use less secure sign-in`. They can delete the account from Gmail, and then added again.
In case you have deleted your account, you can recover by accessing yahoo.com trying to login even if you have deleted your account. You will be told that the account was deleted, and what you need to do is press the recovery button. You have to wait 24 hours to recover, but this is possible if you have not gone 12 months since you deleted the account.
There if you forgot yahoo account password. You can enter the e-mail alternatively if you have set the phone number, receiving a link where you can enter a new password.
A new system put in place by the people at Yahoo allows users to connect without the need of password. You have just entered in the account settings and selected this option, linking only with the password sent to your phone. These thing is sure, being unable to enter anyone into your bank account.
When we talk about the photos taken with the phone we can do if we choose to photograph landscapes from vacations at certain times of the day. So when we make photos early in the morning or late in the afternoon they will get much better, because the sun is not so strong as in the course of the day. When you have a model X1 Max with the technology PDAF, or Phase Detection Auto Focus photos will come out fantastic and when you’re not careful. This feature allows the phone to focus very quickly. Editing photos is very important. For this there are special programs that you can download directly from Play Store in your phone.
What safety precautions can we take to protect our phone? It is simple:
• Buy a pouch suitable model, to be made from a quality material.
• The screen must be necessarily protected with a foil. Smart phones have screens sensitive. The most effective foils for the protection of the screen are the glass or higher, the silicone.
• A charger original used to charging your phone is absolutely necessary in order not to affect the battery over time.
• Never should we start to fix us a phone, when we think on the internet we can find tutorials that show us exactly what we should do.
How tell a Iphone 7 real of a fake?
The chinese are very good to copy as detailed any. The phone has managed it, but in a print-out of the box not too. The font and color of the writing both on the front and on the back of it are different. The Iphone fake is that the Android operating system, a system that simulates the IOS operating system. You can go into the phone settings before I buy and install a program from the App Store which is actually a fake is the Play Store. These fake sites can be sold in special stores, not only on the internet, so we have to be paying attention to the smallest details that make the difference!

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