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How do you avoid viruses technology

Surely you’ve heard of Ransomware that infected with a virus that encrypts the files from a computer, gadget and you can no longer see, than if you pay by hacker website that did this.
In the last period many companies in the world have been hit by this virus type WannaCryptor. This cyber attack has affected the system of british health, the company Fedex and computers in over 100 countries. The virus spreads through emails with the dangerous file attached, the attached browsers. Users are fooled, as are some bills, offers, evertismente, this virus has a vulnerability in most Windows operating systems.
The vulnerability called EternalBlue, MS17-010 affects without someone to access or open something infected. Have been withheld data, used in the purpose of espionage, by government agencies, to deliver this ransomware virus. It is the most dangerous cyber attack yet. Microsoft has provided a patch that blocks this vulnerability, but not all the computers have been able to receive this update because of the version old windows that they used.
Users are advised to update the common operating system to reduce the risk of infection and the need to ensure that the security that they can block this threat WannaCryptor.
You have to know clearly where you have the data stored, to protect it all, you need to make very often a back-up, such can be recovered the data that was encrypted. Should the data be stored in permanent and on a extralocatie neconectata to the internet.
The network is very good to be segmented, for the attacker to get very hard at the data. If you are a company, we have insisted to remember periodically what they’re not allowed to do aangajatii. You don’t have in any case to access the links from senders unknown. Teams should be trained periodically to find vulnerabilities.
Those from Bitdefender say victims would not have to provide the rewards required because there is no guarantee that the attacker will restore access to the data, and there may be a risk that when you pay for a date, to be targeted again. Each amount paid may help the attackers to build something even bigger.
If you use a wireless network it is a gateway for hackers.
The wireless connection is like a door that you need to have a protection. The data received or transmitted can be intercepted. The best security protocol for wireless internet is WPA2.
If you have not activated this function, you should go into settings and activate it. When you buy or get a router, it comes with a set of characters of the basis. It is very well to change, and if u we’re to do this, you should go to someone who specializes in IT.
Speed internet connections can be affected by the place in which is located the router. He should be seated as far away from devices, surveillance cameras, wireless. You can also use the app Heatmapper to find a good place of location.
In an IT company wireless networks must have an infrastructure good, which conribuie to the development and efficiency of the developed activities.
The software must be updated very often, because otherwise I become vulnerable, whether they are computers or other gadgets.
Productivity means very much. If there are no systems of security, especially in companies where they produce money, then it is not good. The IT field can be likened to the medical. A treatment for a person is unlikely to have the same result for another person. Storing data on the cloud can save some additional costs when you can have a problem of the type a virus very serious.
You need to think about what is priority and to invest some time and maybe some extra money for a security the best possible.

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