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What are the best smartphones of the moment?

When we talk about smartphones of the moment we can talk today and the same thing we talk and in the fall, as summer does not launch anything new on the market. We can talk in the fall, only that prices will be lower at the phones that are on the market now the hottest phones.
I can say that they are good phones, because they are tested by me. The rooms do not have too many differences, but the other features can be significant.
To talk so of LG G6 as it is a gadget that performs excellent at shooting 4K. You can switch during the filming of on the normal camera on the Wide.
About Huawei Mate 9 Pro I can say that it has a battery very good, it is very fast and never gets tired even when there are very many applications open. It has 128 Gb and the price is very good for what he has.
Samsung Galaxy S8+ has the edges very thin, it is slightly bigger than an Iphone 6 Plus. Has the battery higher than a S8 and they upload fairly quickly. Has excellent colors and brightness very good even outside.
HTC U 11 has an excellent camera, filming 4 K, and the photos come out excellent. Has Edge Sense, a function very good, better than 3D Touch. Is a phone that comes with headphones Noise cancelling, being very effective at isolating noise and sound quality.
Iphone 7 and 7 Plus does not have a big change, it has very good camera and software the same.
Lenovo Moto Z is a very good phone launched in 2017, with a modular design. You can turn into a camera very good or in a projector. It has Snapdragon processor and 4 GB of storage space. The screen has 5.5 inches, and the battery is very good, considering that it is the thinnest phone on the market.
Sony Xperia XZ Premium has a screen with a resolution of 4 K, the screen of 5,46-inch, memory 4GB Ram and a Qualcomm processor, model Snapdragon. The main room has a 19 megapixel camera.
One plus 3T has a memory of 6 GB of Ram, 4 cores and resolutions Full HD.The Camera filming 4 K.
Like the design, of the Iphone over all the phones look the same. The differences are the resolution, the density of the pixels, the brightness of the screen. It is good phone to have and ambient light. Amoled screens are thinner, have better contrast and have a good time response, while the Super Amoled are more evolved with tactile sensors.
The size of the sensor matters a lot to the camera of a smartphone, not the high number of megapixels.
The best phones are with Quad Core.
Huawei promises to launch on the market the new Ascend P6S with a processor that will have 8 cores. It’s amazing how much they develop the technology, and how they invent for us to facilitate new life. Ascend P6S promise also that the 8 cores to work simultaneously, not like Samsung that have 8, but only 4 operate simultaneously.
If you want a phone call fita or you need a phone with the features performance, you have a big budget, you can choose the best option from the above list. I personally don’t use the phone except to talk, to check email and to check nouatile on social networks. So, an average phone with Android operating system is more than enough.

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