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Tips for PHP

How can you work in PHP? Very simple to implement these components in your projects.
You can create a graphic in PHP. For that you can use pChart, one of the classes that are part of the PHP, which was designed to be able to create graphs and charts. Libraries graphics cost, and the PHP can be made free of charge, so it is very advantageous.
As in any you the it, everything is in a continuous development, so that they will be part of improvements constantly. Your data you can insert in SQL, CSV files or simply manually. Graphs are created to look very good.
PHP is a language for construction of web pages. It can be run on multiple platforms and can connect to multiple databases. HTML pages we can give them dynamism with the help of PHP. To be able to use PHP, you must have a server and PHP package installed, you can use it on the computer, directly.
He may set cookies, may send headers HTTP for authentication, or can redirect users.
He can connect to a mail server, can access the functions and XML files. Then he browse through the stages until she meets a bookmark, opening the indicate that is to be interpreted as PHP code.
May be allowed multiple times of entry and exit in PHP, but it is useful only when is of work with large texts. Certain symbols or letters indicate the stages. Such as: `//` or `#` indicate that the rest of the line is a comment. To put multiple comments on a line must be delimited by `/*` at the beginning and `*/` at the end.
Having a static image with some members of a community, if someone comes to enroll, you have to change manually at a certain interval, but using a sequence of PHP code we can retrieve the list from a database, without the need of update. Links custom, design, can be automatically generated.
These pages are changed automatically when accessing their. She is called the page dynamics.
PHP register very good performance. Maybe there are other better programs, but PHP has a whole community, the internet is full of tutorials about it.
To edit, you can use Notepad++, which offers many advantages: it provides information about the functions.
A form in which you can add, and I suggest automatically to search using PHP, MYSQL and JQuery already exists.
Those who already use wordpress I know that when you delete an item, it turns red, then disappears. There are other libraries written in Javascript that can do things similar.
To validate data is a priority. The lack of validation of the information and some security measures can have serious consequences. In PHP there are measures of filtering.
You can create with PHP and MySQL, a login system or you can build your own mini CMS, meaning Content Management System.
All with PHP you can create a system of pagination, you can watch the files, creating a tree for directory and files under the folders are named under the trees. You can implement a system to view and manage files and folders using PHP.
On some sites, when we want to create a password, warn us how strong the password is that. This indicator you can create with PHP, but even better with jQuery.
To optimize the files CSS to only be files long and large and the site to load hard, we also use PHP. With him we can to shrink the photos without touching them.
The contact form that you need to put on the site is done all in PHP. You just need to create and if it is good you transmit this work or if not, an error occurs.

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