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The gadget that turn your keys into smart cities

Have you ever gone home and then you wonder if you locked the door or not? Probably more often than you’d like. This gadget turns your keys trivial in some intelligent and you get rid of the lock. We all have this problem at least once in your life. Many times I wondered why in the era in which we live, the age of technology, there are still many devices that make life easier?
But here comes slowly appear different gadgets that will have great success on the market.
Locky is a device that can be used with almost any key and you will help to stop thinking if you locked the door or not. Locky is a kind of casing for your key that communicates via bluetooth with the app on your smartphone.
Put the upper part of the key (the one that goes into the hub) in the housing Locky, install the application then use the key as you would normally. The part that goes into the hub App will notify you if you have not locked the door, and there you will be able to see a log of the use of the key. In addition, the product sends an alert audio, then when you leave the key in the door. If you have children you’ll be able to see when I get home without you to call or them to call you.
Another thing that Locky solves is the loss of the keys. In the app you can see where the keys are (or you can send an audio signal) so you don’t have to go looking for them half an hour around the house and then you realize that you left them in your pants. However, what Locky can do is to lock and unlock the door remotely. This is seen by creators as a security measure, not as a minus.
Locky works on the basic battery (CR2032) and the creators of the product claim that it should be as the gadget to function two years.
If you’re convinced that you like the gadget and you want it then you have to wait a little bit longer. Locky is a product on Kickstarter, and the team is seeking $ 10,000 to fund the project. So far he has received more than $ 36,000 of the nearly 300 people and there are still five days in which they can donate money.
If you want the gadget you can enter the page of the Kickstarter and you can buy for 39 dollars. Delivery will be made starting in January 2019.

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