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Surveillance systems and intelligent security

In the century in which we live there are many options to protect the house from strangers, to control the doors of our house from a distance.
Systems entry-level existing includes sensors magnetic window and door, motion detector and central that connects all of these equipment and controls at the same time. Besides all this, we can add sensors of smoke, gas, flood, remotes, locks, smart, surveillance camera, etc.
You can create certain rules of operation for the certain component, you can set the light to light up when the sensor detects motion, a rule by which the doors unlock when it detects smoke, or cameras to record when the sensor detects motion.
Some systems register the files on the HDD or on the stick, others in the Cloud. The with recording on HDD or SD is a good choice for systems DIY with a small budget, taking care not to overlap the recordings in case you need later of them.
Recording in the Cloud is simpler, but requires a higher cost. All systems smart can be controlled through a certain app that you can install on your mobile. From the app you can active, disable the alarm, you can receive notifications. Most applications allow you to view real-time images, to lock or unlock the doors, change the temperature of the thermostat in case you are interconnected systems. Statistics say that during the night are most burglaries of dwellings, in this case it is recommended to have a surveillance system that has the ability to view details on this period. Our recommendation is to choose cameras with night vision or viewing nocturnal. In case you don’t specify this in the description of the room in which you’re interested, you can ask if they have IR leds. The crown of the IR leds make possible night-time visibility. As a camera has multiple IR leds or how they are of large size, so can view during the night at a greater distance. For example, if it is specified that it has 24 leds infrared (IR), the camera will view at night up to 20 meters, if it has 72 IR leds, distance of view with approximate is 50-60 meters.
The visibility of surveillance cameras at night time is provided by the leds of the infrared emitting light in the infrared spectrum (invisible to the human eye), the so-called IR LEDS or with the help of an advanced technology embedded in the chipset of the camera, which enables it to take clear images in lighting conditions very low. Because there are no colors in the infrared spectrum, the recordings captured on the night will be black and white.
When you choose cameras with IR leds embedded need to worry about positioning them so that there are no objects in range of the beat of the lights (windows, pillars, walls, etc.) on a smaller radius of 40-50 centimeters, otherwise you’ll have a white image and you will not be able to distinguish almost anything.
If you use lamps with IR leds, separate rooms, they can be mounted anywhere on the route of the visibility of the boards. Directing their need to be the same with the room and never directed directly towards its objective (even if the lamp is located at a considerable distance front of the camera). Lamp IR may enhance significantly the visibility of a room during the night and assist in a uniform dispersion of the infrared light resulting in a clearer image.

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