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Foldable phones will increase market prices

There are pros and cons on foldable phones. There is a trend in the market of progressive growth in phone prices.

5G technology will significantly increase the price on the market.

There are more and more terminals coming from the factory with chipset able to support this type of communication. Samsung S10 is perhaps the most famous such phone. Although we do not yet have the necessary infrastructure in several elitist locations, manufacturers are already ready for change. The fact is that it’s a positive thing – when your phone operator implements 5G, you won’t have to purchase a new mobile. On the other hand, implementation so early makes costs higher than necessary.

More and more efficient rooms

Although Google shows us that you can take excellent photos and only with a single camera, there are others who turn their phones into Hydra, as in the case of Nokia 9 Pureview.

The idea of portability is best expressed by the use of cameras on the smartphone to immortalize the events of our lives. Of my acquaintances, too few carry a camera or video after him, when I go to the children’s show or the wedding of friends. Moreover, we get videos or animation movies made exclusively with the mobile phone.

Marketing promotion

You saw that every model with all the stars. In addition, as to be up the job, the big manufacturers subsidize all sorts of bloggers with exotic vacations or city breaks in locations expensive, where people are invited filming and photographing the decor exclusively with their new model.

In case you are interested in the opinions of others, in the field, I’ve definitely watched how budgets all greater promotion have helped Huawei to get into the top 3 manufacturers of smartphones. What has happened is that they would prefer to give the phones to test some of the influencers, who do not necessarily know the technique and are a little experienced, but have the talent to catch up to the masses, which means more sales.

Technological innovations

For several years, I have not discovered (more) anything innovative in design or mobile phone specifications. That’s right, we’ve had all sorts of curved screens with smaller or larger bangs, but essentially that doesn’t innovate that much. Barely fast charging and induction, the fingerprint sensors in the display and foldable phones brought some fresh air into what looked like a dolce Far nother of the players on the market.

However, as with any newly released thing, depreciation costs are borne by buyers, and the first generations of such devices are relatively untouchable by ordinary people. They’re mostly experiments.

Huawei and Samsung, in addition to meeting all the conditions expressed above, have already raised the price bar above the infamous value of 1000 Euros. And other manufacturers will use this pretext to raise prices and where that is not the case. Essentially, the two Asian companies did to the smartphone market what PSG achieved by transferring Neymar Jr. from Barcelona-they set a new psychological threshold.

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