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“Streaming” is a word often conveyed nowadays, but maybe you are still not sure what it means.
Streaming means listening to music or viewing a video in real time, instead of downloading a file to your computer and look at it later.
It’s about videos on the internet or webcasts with live events, where there are no files to download, just a continuous stream of data. Some media companies prefer streaming because it’s hard for most users to save content and distribute it illegally.
How does streaming work?
Streaming is a relatively recent process of evolution, and your broadband connection must go fast enough to receive real-time data. Encrypted streaming files are often compressed to use as little of bandwith as possible.
If there is an interruption due to internet traffic congestion, the audio component will no longer work or the screen will turn black. To mitigate this problem, the computer stores, as a kind of “buffer”, the data that has already been received. If the signal fails and the buffer does not load for a short time, the clip will not enter. If there is no data in the buffer, then it will stop and display the message “buffering” until it is loaded.
Maybe you’ve also heard the concepts of audio streaming and video streaming. What exactly does it mean?
Streaming media is video and audio content that is sent, in a compressed form, in the internet universe and can be played immediately, no need to save it on a hard drive.
By streaming media, the user no longer has to wait to download a file to see it. This is due to the fact that the media is transmitted in a continuous stream of data and thus can be viewed as what they upload.
In addition, special media streaming servers also allow users to back or forward on the video.
Live-streaming content is an extremely precious convenience and worth investing in for various reasons:
* Can be very engaging and addictive;
• You’ll get to an interested audience who decided to look;
* You can control your message;
* It is quite possible for users to look at such content more time than on-demand video content;
* Platforms like Hangouts On Air can lead to an audience that will get involved, called engaged audience, and share your content;
• A live video stream on the internet can open opportunities for new revenue – A live free stream can lead to interactions with new customers and can open new business opportunities. At the same time, you could ask for money for access to your stream. This will lead to additional income;
• A live streaming video can make you stand out from the crowd – If you could take the usefulness of the innovative of a video on the internet and to direct it towards targets of the marketing of your organization, you could start with true to get diferentezi of the rest of the competition.
An important final detail is that for each live streaming and protocol format you choose to encode, keep in mind that users must have a compatible device and able to view that stream.

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