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Applications and Apple accessories

IOS 12 offers performance on both old as well as the IPhone 6 or 6S to be much faster. Apple promises a speed 40% greater at the opening of the applications and 70% more speed when the camera opens. The processors will be optimized so as to consume less. Notifications will be grouped in the style of Android, depending on the application.
The Photos application gets intelligence, will share the photos on the categories, providing also suggestions to share photos with those who appear in them.
Siri becomes more intelligent, being better optimized for Watch OS, which can realize multiple actions on your IPhone. All Siri automatically send sms when you have an appointment in the calendar and know if you get it or not at the meeting. IOS 12 is available on all phones from the IPhone 5S and all tablets, starting with IPad Air.
The IMYPhone Technology have offered various applications that are compatible with the IOS operating system. Among them include IMYFone D-Back IPhone Data Recovery that provides 5 important ways of operation: Smart Recovery, Recover from IOS Device, Recover from iTunes Backup, Recover from iCloud Backup or Fix iOS System.
The first four are the solutions of recovering lost data and Fix iOS System brings partially the system to life, I mean clean up the memory, close applications.
The app can find your lost data from 3 places: your phone, iTunes or iCloud.
To transfer pictures from phone to your personal Pc you can use the app IOTransfer 2 that help you to do this and even things in addition.
The application has the role to transfer photos quickly from your phone on the PC, but you can download clips from Youtube, you can erase everything from the phone. It is very easy to use.
After 6-7 years it was introduced the jack Lightning that we find now on most all of the gadgets Apple, especially on phones and tablets. Apple wants to opt for the new standard USB Type C.
This would be necessary, to no longer be a need to use different adapters expensive. USB Type C has a bandwidth much higher, has support Thunderbolt and supports video signal and faster speeds of transfer.
Headphones full wireless at Apple are the ones that have no thread of connection between them, model for people who do sports. The model is not elegant, but one sports-type in-ear, pinning it behind the ear. Are constructed of durable material and pleasant to the touch, with a color metallic. They can upload pretty fast with USB cable with 2-prong micro USB. The headphones have speakers 14.2 mm , being able to set the sound to your preference.
RIO 3 insulates well, are of a much better quality, provide connectivity while isolating you from the noise of the plane or of the sounds are unpleasant around you. Helmet on the left is the helmet, `mother`, on her reaching the control buttons.

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