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Update-Google sites

Definitely in the age of smartphones, Google will try to make the mobile experience more enjoyable. To do this, at the beginning of this year Google released an update of algorithm named Google Speed Update, which is meant to make the loading speed of the pages to become a factor for ranking in searches on mobile. The big changes will be seen starting in July of this year.
Some searches can be seen but still good, even if they have lower speeds, but quality content. This is on the smartphoene sites , but the results on the desktop, Google uses this factor on the speed of 2010.
Now we wonder how we can do to have a higher speed on your site. Very simple: there are tools available online, Chrome User Experinece Report or Lighthouse. Still not sure if they will be affected and the pages with shorter load very high in searches on the desktop.
Looking at how it unfolded in the past, this is not a novelty, but there was never the problem for the mobile version. We can use Test My Site in order to avoid penalties in the following update-site staff applied by Google, to identify areas where they can bring improvements, which will lead to increasing the speed of loading. Of course this test is not the only one who can help variants mobile to have a higher speed.
We have to move from HTML to version Accelerated Mobile Pages, which leads the standard page to the mobile version more friendly, that load much faster.
When we do a version for mobile, you need to think about the behavior of the users, because the searches on the mobile differ from those coming from a desktop.
We’ll start first with the disabling of ads. In place of the pop-up, not necessarily with advertising, users have to navigate in a website quickly.
You have to know that Google will not warn on the problems of ranking, but we can see in Google webmaster tools. It is for the best if you know where visitors are coming from, from organic searches or social media.
It is necessary to test the site using mobile networks to see what performance it has. It’s the only way we can see the elements of the site that need to be changed or restored.
Gogle has made the update and the Page Speed Insights, Google Consoles, at least the changes being major.

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