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Amazon and technology artificial

Tesla, Uber, General Motors and many others are working on an autonomous car and making slow progress in this area. Amazon launches its own autonomous car, but not how you’d expect, and for which you could even create you the algorithm to drive autonomous.
Amazon Web Services, the division of cloud giant Amazon announced an unusual product: a toy car autonomous that we can schedule you and us.
Andy Jassy, the CEO of Amazon Web Services has announced AWS DeepRace, car toy remote control, but that the programmers can make it work alone. The car is sold with $ 400 and will be available starting next year.
The car remote has four-wheel drive and can learn to walk alone with the help of artificial intelligence, through a process of trial and error. The autonomous car “receives” rewards when you stay on route, because it avoids obstacles and when I do crash, so the car learns to become self-sufficient with time.
AWS DeepRacer has a processor Intel Atom, is also found on some tablets and laptops, a photo sensor of 4 megapixels with a 1080p resolution to detect obstacles and free Wi-Fi.
If you interested then find out that you can actually you program the car with their own learning algorithms, using the Amazon SageMaker, the service for artificial intelligence of the Amazon. You can test the algorithm in a 3D simulation then if it is put you can implement in your car and have your own autonomous car.
To make things even more interesting, AWS launches a competition for autonomous cars and will keep racing along next year. Thus, developers will be able to see who has the algorithm that makes the autonomous car to go the faster.
The same methods by which you learn DeepRacer lead can be used and for the machines true that transports people or cargo.
After introduced on the market your Kindle ten years ago, the company Amazon would want to produce robots for domestic, that could enter the market in 2019, according to Bloomberg.
The project the Vest was started by Amazon in several years ago, but the American company has stepped up recruitment for specialists in robotics, sensors and development software. According to Bloomberg, Amazon would want as employees involved in the project to test the first robots in their own homes even in this year. Then, the robots household could reach the market in 2019.
It is not clear yet which tasks will be able to perform the robot household, developed by Amazon. Those who have information about the project spectacular that the robot Vest i could accompany customers in certain parts of their house, where I don’t have the devices Echo, another technology developed by Amazon. The prototypes of the robots will have cameras performances, software for controlling the computer and will be able to go through the housing, through a technology similar to that used by autonomous cars.
The project is different from the robots designed by Amazon Robotics, a subsidiary of the company, from Massachusetts and Germany. Amazon Robotics created robots that are used in the warehouses of Amazon, to manage the stocks of goods.

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