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3 things to do after a major update

The people at Google do the updates in regular basis to improve system and search engine. In the world of SEO the only thing you can be sure of is change because the algorithm is changed around 5-600 times each year. Most of the times these updates are small and are not observed, that until the moment in which Google made major updates.

To react properly in times in which they are made important updates you need to follow three simple rules, but very important that will help you to keep your composure and make the right move for customers, but also for you.

Updates major of the algorithm can be stressful, but we can never make a list with all the changes from Google. We panic for things I don’t know them fully is a waste of energy.

Let’s talk about the most recent update, namely Penguin.

At the time of the launch of Penguin 4.0, Google has provided information about the update. While there have been a number of changes, they gave us a couple of explicit detail which gives a clear picture of the harsh things that we have to wait.

Penguin is now more detailed.

Before knowing these information, many were talking about what will bring this update. Some statements were real, but others do not, but one thing is for sure. If you panicked the most, you’ve probably done a lot of undue worry.

In conclusion, when a major update to close won’t panic.

It is very tempting to make changes on the site but this may be totally useless for your site might not be affected.

Most often if you are doing SEO correctly, your site most likely will not be affected in a negative way and might even have an increase.

Google’s mission is to provide the users exactly what they are looking for and that’s why change the algorithm constantly to push webmasters to create sites and content better. Google often changes the algorithm wants to eliminate spam and back-hat SEO.

Before he react will recommend you to wait days or even weeks to see if your site has been affected in any way and only after the act.

The choice of the place from which to start is usually the hardest decision.

Read all of the information posted by them and analyze what they have watched through updates made. If your site has been affected, most likely you have to work on those things.

In the moment In which Google will not provide all the information, document from other credible sources to create an overall picture .

When you make adjustments to your site after an update, make sure that you make only one change to be able to measure its impact.

Updates to the major are very scary, but if you do a optimization SEO correct, you have a quality content targeted by the user and you earn links from credible websites and specific niche, everything should be fine. If you buy links and content, Google is in behind your ready to charge.

When you are warned about a major update, stay calm, wait to see the impact and then make the necessary adjustments. We don’t know all the factors that are the basis of Google but we know that their mission is to give an accurate answer in a very short time.

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