10 May 2020

5 useful tips for a safer work from home experience

With the coronavirus crisis, new “opportunities” have emerged for cybercriminals online. Malware developers improve their scam techniques by shifting the focus to this virus and at the same time building links and sites with malicious content.
We will focus in this article on an important aspect that these online frauds rely on – the high number of employees is outside the protection provided by corporate networks, because they now work from their own homes. Thus, more responsibility is needed from employees and management to protect the company’s digital resources.
With just a few extra precautions, the employees of any company can significantly strengthen their security against a possible virtual attack during this period of remote work.
Tips from ESET security specialists:
1. Check your home router settings and change the default settings
All internet traffic now passes through the personal wireless router. To gain access to the network, cybercriminals can try to compromise your router and intercept your Wi-Fi traffic. For this reason, it would be a good idea to check the configuration options for your home router before the devices connected to it become compromised.
To ensure better password protection, you can use a password management solution such as ESET Password Manager (a password management module built into our ESET Smart Security Premium solution). Using such a tool is extremely practical, because you need to memorize a single password with which you have access to all the other passwords of your accounts, with just a few clicks.
2. Scan the wireless network for unknown, illegally connected devices
You can use various scanning tools to find unwanted devices connected to your home network. ESET Smart Security Premium, for example, has a mode called Connected Home Monitor, which comes with a scan feature that can identify devices that use Wi-Fi without your knowledge. Change the network password as needed and disconnect all unknown devices.
3. Keep the router firmware up to date and discard old models that no longer have software update support (legacy products)
As an additional protection measure, update the firmware to the latest version provided by the manufacturer. It would be advisable to replace the old router, which is no longer supported by the vendor, with a newer model.
4. Use a VPN (virtual private network) to encrypt your communication
Employees who need intranet access while working remotely will communicate through insecure public networks. For added security, you can use a VPN that establishes a secure communication tunnel.
With a VPN, the small data packets that make up communication can be protected from cybercriminals, because they allow their decryption only at the ends of this communication tunnel, ie employees’ devices and the corporate network.
5. Use a two-factor authentication method (2FA), if you can
Employees who use remote access technologies, such as Remote Desktop Protocol, web / cloud services (for example, are quite exposed to threats, especially if adequate security and risk mitigation measures have not been taken). Office 365), Outlook Web App.
To meet this need, companies can use ESET Secure Authentication, a 2-factor authentication solution (2FA), designed to enhance the security of remote access technologies, but also employee authentication data. How does such a solution work? It adds an extra step in the classic authentication process where only the username and password are needed and in addition requires a unique code, which is usually delivered through a mobile authentication application or SMS.
In order to support companies and employees who now work from home, ESET offers free business licenses for antivirus, anti-malware and 2FA authentication solutions, designed to secure business systems, which guarantee effective protection of work equipment, data and secure web browsing.

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10 Apr 2020

Business forecasts

In just a few months, the world economy we knew had changed radically, as a number of different factors, such as accelerating globalization, the demand for employees for a more flexible work environment, and, of course, the coronavirus pandemic, together created a “Perfect storm.” It is difficult to estimate at this time the economic impact of this crisis. It is clear, however, that the paralysis of air traffic, disruptions in supply chains and the forced resettlement of the workforce in so many countries will have an impact on production, consumption and growth this year. In addition, the changes in these weeks will influence the strategy of many companies and will change the way we work when the state of emergency ends and things return to a new normal, says Wizrom Software, one of the largest developers and integrators of IT solutions for Romanian businesses.
“We are going through a very sensitive moment, a turning point for us as people, but also for the business environment. This crisis has brought a series of challenges to an unprecedented level and imposed rapid changes in the way we all move, interact or work. It was a moment that highlighted very clearly the benefits that technology can offer – even if direct human interaction cannot be 100% replaced, those companies that had already taken steps towards a technology-based future were better prepared. to face the crisis period and even reduce, in some places, its impact “, pointed out Adrian Bodomoiu, general manager of Wizrom Software.
The most important technological trends in business for the rest of 2020, according to Wizrom Software representatives, are:

1. Automation

Automation not only replaces certain manual processes, but enhances employees’ capabilities and supports the transition of business operations to the next level. Automation is beginning to make sense, financially and in terms of productivity, in all economic sectors, but particularly in the production area. Manufacturers, for example, will focus more, after this period, on sophisticated automation solutions in order to prevent the negative effect of new disruptions in activity.
In addition, the extension of the crisis period has the potential to boost SMEs’ investments in digitization and automation of future business, either by adopting cloud solutions, accessible in terms of costs and implementation, or by implementing software. HR, accounting or sales automation, to help them streamline their operations and make remote work possible in optimal conditions.
2. Mobility
The pandemic affected all activities that required human-to-human interactions, virtually freezing entire economic sectors such as the hospitality industry and tourism, as well as certain segments of retail and transportation. At the same time, however, the same phenomenon boosted those activities that could be carried out remotely and online: distance work, online learning, online events (webinars) and the e-commerce area. The mobility that people previously enjoyed in the physical world has not completely disappeared, but has moved into a different environment, supported by technology. Even if, for the moment, this transformation is temporary, the business mobility experiment has all the potential to turn into a lasting one, as companies see in real time the economic or security benefits. Demand for mobility solutions was already on an upward slope, and this period will only accelerate the development of the segment in the future.
3. Business Intelligence as a strategy
This pandemic has clearly highlighted the need to better control the huge amounts of data that companies have and to use it better. Business intelligence systems include many capabilities, from the most commonly used, such as reporting and analysis, to more complex ones, for identifying trends and making predictions and future scenarios. The current context has highlighted the importance of the right insights to make critical business decisions, easier, almost in real time and in a scalable way for different lines of business.
4. AI integration
Artificial intelligence will begin to move from the concept stage to becoming an integral part of the new normal of professional life. Starting this year, we will see an acceleration of its integration with other technological trends. If we talked above about the even larger implementation of business intelligence solutions, for companies that have already ticked this moment, the next step will be to reorient to solutions that integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) and can generate in-depth analysis in a shorter time, with a more direct and significant impact on the business.
5. Cloud computing
This trend is obviously not a new one for this year, but again, we will see a rapid acceleration of cloud-based solution deployments. These will also be seen by companies as a way to prepare for other periods similar to the current one, so as to ensure that they will be able to operate with fewer interruptions and increased productivity. The reorientation towards the cloud will be visible in all types of business software, from those that support marketing activities to sales, accounting and HR.
The representatives of Wizrom Software are of the opinion that if we look at these 5 technological trends as a whole, their convergence and interoperability becomes obvious. Companies that will understand these directions and holistically integrate these technological processes with their business strategy will only benefit in 2020 and the years to come.

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18 Jan 2020

Is facial recognition technology a problem?


Facial recognition technology has begun to be used in more and more areas. Amazon and Microsoft are just two of the Giants that have invested billions in these systems. There are large sums allocated for research and development. It is believed to be a technology that will help many sectors.

But, like any technology, it can not be framed by good or bad. Depends on what purpose it’s used for. As a comparison: China is using facial recognition to survey its citizens and strengthen its censorship mechanisms. The United States uses it in the military or to identify criminals.

Bottom line: it matters how this technology is used. But, nevertheless, there are some signs of concern. And American politicians would prepare for an inquiry into this.

U.S. officials have begun to have concerns about the accuracy of the information provided by facial recognition. There are some problems, especially when it comes to recognizing female and black people.

A wake-up call is being drawn by several civic associations and groups that defend human rights.

“It’s something that looks very much like what we saw in the Black Mirror,” says one US Congressman, referring to the famous Netflix show, which shows the less bright side of technology. That’s why members of the American Congress began drafting a special law for this type of systems.

There are also many tech experts questioning how facial recognition data is used by governments and private companies. Some believe these systems should, for now, be banned. During this period, a set of regulations would be prepared and only then could things get back to normal.

Phone makers have long begun introducing facial recognition – Face ID-to, they say, give users maximum security. It’s Apple’s case, for example. If you own an iPhone model, you can unlock your phone just by looking at the camera.

But among the companies that have announced they are working on developing the technology are Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook. Companies collect data precisely to create their own base. Facebook and Instagram photos can be scanned for this purpose.

But there are also errors. And then the effects can be of the unwanted ones. If, for example, facial recognition is used as evidence in a criminal trial and the system fails, judges could convict someone who is innocent. There are also concerns that the technology could be used as an oppressive tool by the authorities, as is already happening in China.

That’s why U.S. officials are calling for regulation of this new technology. Once a legislative base is set up, the chances of these systems being used for misuse and to the detriment of citizens/users decrease considerably, some members of the US Congress believe.

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06 Nov 2019

Microsoft promises to revolutionize data storage with a piece of glass

As time goes on, you need more and more storage space for your files, so Microsoft is working on a technology to help you with that.
The company wants to solve the storage problem by using new material. Thus, it uses an almost indestructible type of glass to permanently store files. The idea is not a new one, but is developed within the Silica project, for which the American company has been working for some time.
The most interesting part is that the material is almost indestructible. Thus, your data will be secure for a long time, because the quartz device is extremely durable and durable. Microsoft has undergone several tests: boiled it, put it in the oven, immersed it in water, etc. In the end, the data was intact and could be used.
However, it should be borne in mind that the technology is only in the early stages, so it will take a while before we can use it.
How can Microsoft store data on the glass
The company has already created a prototype. The tech giant has collaborated with Warner Bros. to store a copy of the original Superman film from 1978. The quartz prototype is quite small: it has 75 x 75 x 2 mm and contains over 75 GB of data.
Microsoft says these are, in fact, a storage system called cold storage, or cold storage. This puts inactive data in storage and is only good for the data or files you want to keep handy, but which you don’t need very often.
In this process, the company uses infrared lasers to encode data into “voxels”, the three-dimensional equivalent of the pixels on the screens. Thus, the data is stored inside the glass, and the machine learning algorithms can decode the patterns to read the data.
Therefore, technology is useful for anyone who needs to store large amounts of data. Thus, it will be possible to ensure that its files will be kept for a long time.

The process is costly and complex, and Microsoft researchers are trying to speed up the process, as well as reduce the costs involved.

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12 Sep 2019

Automation and the future

The labor market began to undergo major changes, and very many people were left without a job due to automation, and the trend has only just begun.

One study tried to find out how high the risk of automating a large number of jobs is, based on the opinion of those who perform them. The findings are worrisome, given that more than half of workers believe they could be replaced by a robot. In the most optimistic case, some believe their jobs will be significantly changed or completely gone in the next decade.

The survey was conducted by PwC (Price Waterhouse Cooper)and reveals a number of other interesting data. For example, many employees believe that employers should help them in one form or another to acquire digital skills, in order to prepare for the future.

Pointedly, 61% of those surveyed believe that the impact of technology on their daily work is positive, and 77% are willing to learn new skills in order to prepare for other professions. The most optimistic about future changes are young people. 69% of young people between 18 and 34 are optimistic about the impact of technology on jobs, compared with 59% of people between 35 and 54 and 50% of those over 55.

PwC has embarked on an ambitious digital refresher initiative in Central and Eastern Europe, not only for PwC professionals but also for customers and to promote this important issue at regional level,” said Nick Kós, CEO of PwC Central and Eastern Europe.

To reach these conclusions, the survey was conducted on about 22,000 adults from 11 countries. The list includes Australia, China, France, Germany, India, the Netherlands, Poland, Singapore, South Africa, the UK and the US. This analysis is a continuation of another study by PWC that shows that 30% of current jobs are at risk of automation by the mid-2030s. At the same time, PwC Global CEO survey 2019 shows that skills availability is a major concern for 79% of CEOs.

The transformation of the economy and the labor market due to technology will affect both employees and employers. For this reason, companies and authorities must show openness, adapt to changes and, of course.

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31 Jul 2019

Mirrorless cameras

Until recently, mirrorless was regarded as a minor branch of photography. More than 10 years after the launch, we see that almost all camera manufacturers have embraced this format and released full frame models. Here are these:
1. Sony
Sony was the first to put a full frame sensor in a mirrorless camera. Three generations later, the Japanese enjoy a wide range of cameras and lenses. For about €2000, Sony A7 III is considered the best mirrorless camera in terms of profitability. The most expensive model in the range, the Sony A9 is popular for the excellent, out of focus, and the 20-frames-per-second that can be recorded, without obstructing the visibility of the photographer.
2018 was the year when the first two manufacturers of cameras with interchangeable lenses launched mirrorless full frame models. Canon debuted with the EOS R model and a handful of high-quality lenses. Canon has the advantage of excellent Dual Pixel technology, through which the focus is very accurate. This model was dedicated to professionals who already used Canon products.
To attract the masses, Canon launched the EOS RP model, a 26.2 megapixel model and a price of about €1200. The 5 native lenses available at the moment are not exactly accessible, but Canon has an exceptional selection of DSLR lenses that can be easily adapted to new cameras.
Nikon also has two models available for those who prefer that ecosystem. Nikon Z6 and Z7 are two cameras emulating the Sony A7 III and Sony a7R III tandem. The first camera is intended for general use, while the second is suitable for photographers who need a very high resolution: 45.7 megapixels.
Nor does Nikon have an impressive selection of native targets, launching the two cameras also in 2018. As with Canon, Nikon provides an adapter through which DSLR targets can be used smoothly.
Known more for its excellent family of cameras on the micro 4/3 format, Panasonic surprised everyone in 2018 when it announced that it was partnering with Sigma and Leica. This partnership involves the creation of a new family of rooms and sights, the L Mount. The first machine to use this mount was Leica SL. For those who want a new full frame camera, but do not have the money required by Leica, Panasonic has released the S1, S1R models and, more recently, announced the s1h model. These are mirror models of what Sony already has in the range: A7, a7R and a7S, the last of which is tailored for the needs of videographers.
* The rest of the names that did not enter the full frame mirrorless family
The first name that stands out is Olympus. Unlike Panasonic, Olympus believes exclusively in the advantages of the micro 4/3 system. Its smaller sensor cameras allow for more compact lenses, and for some users this matters a lot.
Fujifilm is in a league of its own. The main range of cameras incorporates APS-C sensors. To be mentioned is the range of cameras with medium format sensor (larger than full frame).
Pentax has attracted everyone’s attention through official statements that users of mirrorless full frame will return to single lens reflex camera devices within 3 years. He’s the latest producer to refuse to migrate to mirrorless. As such, the whole Pentax range consists only of DSLR cameras.

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30 Jun 2019

Curiosity robot makes New Discovery


NASA’s Curiosity rover sent to Mars has detected huge amounts of methane gas on the surface of the Red Planet, suggesting the possibility of extraterrestrial life.

The discovery of the substance is a significant one, since it is known that on Earth methane is usually produced by living beings.

In this case, any methane particle was probably released relatively recently, because sunlight and chemical reactions would destroy molecules over several centuries.

Data collected by Curiosity reached Earth last week, and scientists involved in the” Martian mission ” were extremely excited about the information.

“Given this surprising result, we reorganized our weekend plans so we could conduct a follow-up experiment,” Ashwin Vasvada, the program’s coordinator, wrote in an email obtained by the New York Times.

Thus, researchers sent new commands to Curiosity last Friday so that the robot could thoroughly investigate the data.

Humans have long been fascinated by the possibility of life on Mars. In the 1970s, however, some of the first photographs captured a desolate landscape.

Two decades away, the researchers came to the conclusion that the Red Planet was most likely warmer, had more water, and therefore was more favorable for habitation about four billion years ago.

Now they are discussing the scenario that if there were ever traces of life on Mars, the original microbial organisms would have migrated below the planet’s surface and remained there.

On Earth, methanogenic bacteria find an early climate where oxygen is missing, such as under rocks at great depths or in the digestive tract of animals, they remove methane as a gaseous residue.

Another cause of gas generation, however, could also be geothermal reactions. Another scenario would also be related to a long existence of methane inside Mars, a gas that is released intermittently through the cracks in the crust.

NASA researchers officially announced the discovery last Saturday, but were booked, calling it ” an early outcome.””:

“To maintain scientific integrity, the project team will continue to analyze the data before confirming the results,” The Independent quoted a spokesman for the US Space Agency as saying.

Specialists first detected traces of methane on the Red Planet about 15 years ago, thanks to measurements made by Mars Express, an aircraft built by the European Space Agency, correlated with data collected by highly performing telescopes on Earth.

When Curiosity reached Mars in 2012, it looked for traces of methane gas, but found nothing, or at least the amount in the atmosphere was less than one part per billion.

Then, in 2013, the robot detected a sudden increase, up to 7 parts per billion, that lasted for several months. Last week, measurements found 21 parts of methane per billion in the atmosphere.

As a result, scientists have developed a technique by which the robot can detect very small quantities of the gas, and the statistics recorded showed that there were variations according to the four seasons on the Red Planet.

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19 May 2019

Bang & Olufsen launches new Beoplay headphones

Featuring a top quality sound, a harmonious design made using exclusive materials, and the opportunity to have a total control over your music, calls and voice commands, by means of intuitive gestures, Beoplay E8, the first headphones Bang &Olufsen with true wireless have been created for those who are not willing to make any compromise in terms of sound and design to get true wireless freedom.

Bang & Olufsen announces launch of new Beoplay E8 2.0. The new model comes with a number of design improvements compared to the original product, as well as with functions required by users.

The premium leather charging case has a new, more exclusive design and offers the possibility to wirelessly charge the Beoplay E8 2.0 headphones for a fully wireless experience. Now charging can be done simply by placing the case on a support with QI wireless charging.

The casing provides power for three full headphone charges. Thus, users can enjoy up to 16 hours of autonomy. This is a significant improvement compared to the 12 hours offered by the original product. This obviously provides enough for a whole day of listening. A LED indicating the charge level is placed on the front of the case, while three other LED lights on the back of the case indicate the number of full charges it can provide.

Inside the case for charging, the headphones are placed on a superb polished aluminum frame, processed by simple or double anodizing, depending on the color.

The case supports wireless charging but also has a USB-C port for wired charging of headphones.

It was created using premium materials, polished aluminum and genuine leather, which gives it durability and beauty that resists the passage of time. It is the perfect companion for the headphones Beoplay E8 2.0, but also to your smartphone, providing support for both normal charging (5W), and fast charging (10W).


Owners of the first generation Beoplay E8 can also benefit from wireless charging.

The initial version of the E8 fits perfectly into the new wireless charging case. Thus, Bang & Olufsen offers the possibility of wireless charging and those who already have a pair of Beoplay E8 headphones. The charging case will be put on sale separately. It will also be possible to purchase headphones separately and individually (left and right).

Like the first Beoplay E8, these are specially calibrated by renowned Bang &Olufsen sound engineers to deliver a full sound and spacious soundstage that will delight your ears. Each headset integrates a 5.7 mm dynamic speaker, a small electromagnetic transducer, NFMI (NearField Magnetic Induction) technology, and a Bluetooth 4.2 chip with Digital Sound Processing, allowing dynamic sound calibration and a seamless experience. Users will be able to calibrate their own sound via the Bang & Olufsen app, available on Android and iOS.

Beoplay E8 2.0 comes with a premium leather-wrapped case that allows wireless charging, five ear-tips and a USB-C charging cable.

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25 Apr 2019

Foldable phones will increase market prices

There are pros and cons on foldable phones. There is a trend in the market of progressive growth in phone prices.

5G technology will significantly increase the price on the market.

There are more and more terminals coming from the factory with chipset able to support this type of communication. Samsung S10 is perhaps the most famous such phone. Although we do not yet have the necessary infrastructure in several elitist locations, manufacturers are already ready for change. The fact is that it’s a positive thing – when your phone operator implements 5G, you won’t have to purchase a new mobile. On the other hand, implementation so early makes costs higher than necessary.

More and more efficient rooms

Although Google shows us that you can take excellent photos and only with a single camera, there are others who turn their phones into Hydra, as in the case of Nokia 9 Pureview.

The idea of portability is best expressed by the use of cameras on the smartphone to immortalize the events of our lives. Of my acquaintances, too few carry a camera or video after him, when I go to the children’s show or the wedding of friends. Moreover, we get videos or animation movies made exclusively with the mobile phone.

Marketing promotion

You saw that every model with all the stars. In addition, as to be up the job, the big manufacturers subsidize all sorts of bloggers with exotic vacations or city breaks in locations expensive, where people are invited filming and photographing the decor exclusively with their new model.

In case you are interested in the opinions of others, in the field, I’ve definitely watched how budgets all greater promotion have helped Huawei to get into the top 3 manufacturers of smartphones. What has happened is that they would prefer to give the phones to test some of the influencers, who do not necessarily know the technique and are a little experienced, but have the talent to catch up to the masses, which means more sales.

Technological innovations

For several years, I have not discovered (more) anything innovative in design or mobile phone specifications. That’s right, we’ve had all sorts of curved screens with smaller or larger bangs, but essentially that doesn’t innovate that much. Barely fast charging and induction, the fingerprint sensors in the display and foldable phones brought some fresh air into what looked like a dolce Far nother of the players on the market.

However, as with any newly released thing, depreciation costs are borne by buyers, and the first generations of such devices are relatively untouchable by ordinary people. They’re mostly experiments.

Huawei and Samsung, in addition to meeting all the conditions expressed above, have already raised the price bar above the infamous value of 1000 Euros. And other manufacturers will use this pretext to raise prices and where that is not the case. Essentially, the two Asian companies did to the smartphone market what PSG achieved by transferring Neymar Jr. from Barcelona-they set a new psychological threshold.

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24 Mar 2019


“Streaming” is a word often conveyed nowadays, but maybe you are still not sure what it means.
Streaming means listening to music or viewing a video in real time, instead of downloading a file to your computer and look at it later.
It’s about videos on the internet or webcasts with live events, where there are no files to download, just a continuous stream of data. Some media companies prefer streaming because it’s hard for most users to save content and distribute it illegally.
How does streaming work?
Streaming is a relatively recent process of evolution, and your broadband connection must go fast enough to receive real-time data. Encrypted streaming files are often compressed to use as little of bandwith as possible.
If there is an interruption due to internet traffic congestion, the audio component will no longer work or the screen will turn black. To mitigate this problem, the computer stores, as a kind of “buffer”, the data that has already been received. If the signal fails and the buffer does not load for a short time, the clip will not enter. If there is no data in the buffer, then it will stop and display the message “buffering” until it is loaded.
Maybe you’ve also heard the concepts of audio streaming and video streaming. What exactly does it mean?
Streaming media is video and audio content that is sent, in a compressed form, in the internet universe and can be played immediately, no need to save it on a hard drive.
By streaming media, the user no longer has to wait to download a file to see it. This is due to the fact that the media is transmitted in a continuous stream of data and thus can be viewed as what they upload.
In addition, special media streaming servers also allow users to back or forward on the video.
Live-streaming content is an extremely precious convenience and worth investing in for various reasons:
* Can be very engaging and addictive;
• You’ll get to an interested audience who decided to look;
* You can control your message;
* It is quite possible for users to look at such content more time than on-demand video content;
* Platforms like Hangouts On Air can lead to an audience that will get involved, called engaged audience, and share your content;
• A live video stream on the internet can open opportunities for new revenue – A live free stream can lead to interactions with new customers and can open new business opportunities. At the same time, you could ask for money for access to your stream. This will lead to additional income;
• A live streaming video can make you stand out from the crowd – If you could take the usefulness of the innovative of a video on the internet and to direct it towards targets of the marketing of your organization, you could start with true to get diferentezi of the rest of the competition.
An important final detail is that for each live streaming and protocol format you choose to encode, keep in mind that users must have a compatible device and able to view that stream.

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28 Feb 2019

Assistant of the future, Alexa

When I met her for the first time on Alexa, I thought that it works simply as a voice command for box the Amazon Echo. But after a few minutes, I realized that it is much more than that.

In short, the Alexa is the voice control system is launched by the company Amazon in 2014, along with the speaker Echo. In a short time, it managed to conquer the hearts of enthusiasts of technology from around the world. Why? Here are some of the most interesting things that can be done by Alexa:

Organizes the daily activity

Whether it’s about adding events in your calendar, or creating a shopping list, Alexa successfully work as a personal assistant. Not one to ever miss a dentist appointment and not to come back home from shopping with half of the things that you need.


You informed

Alexa, what’s the latest news? Or Alexa, how will be the weather on the weekend? Simple and quick, find out everything you are interested in.


Count in your place

If you find yourself in my situation and the math is not your strong point, you can ask Alexa to help you. What is the value of Pi or how is the square root of 70 are the questions that Alexa answer without thinking too much.

Turn your home into one smart

The Alexa is compatible with various gadgets and thus can control the brightness, temperature or the tv.


Is a friend and confidant

Sure you want as a best friend of yours to be…human. But I think you’ll appreciate when you’re bored or sad as Alexa to tell you jokes, to sing “happy birthday” or to say “Good morning”. The level of interaction that is capable of the voice system at Amazon is extremely high, a fact which has contributed greatly to the success or.

Assistant to the Alexa of the Amazon has received a new function called Hunches (Hunches) that tracks their daily behavior of the user s, learn from it and then trying to help them with various simple things around the house, such as the recommendation to lock a door forgotten open. Amazon says that the release of this functions is a step towards making the Alexa a assistant much more human in your interactions with those around you.

Function Hunches will be available at the end of the year and Alexa will carefully observe the behavior of the users with various other terminals smart, such as locks, buzzers, lighting systems or gadgets smart. When it will detect a different behavior, I will make recommendations to the user.

An example is the one in which the user shut off the TV and the light in the bedroom, a sign that she wants to sleep, but the door of the house was looked lit. Alexa I will say that it is lit and I will recommend it to extinguish it.


Amazon says that the release of this functions is a step towards making the Alexa a assistant much more human in your interactions with those around you. Many customers have put the recordings on YouTube in which Alexa can’t handle the more complex questions or give answers to funny.

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26 Jan 2019

Google accused of violating the GDPR

The commission for personal data protection in France has fined Google with € 50 million for breach of the GDPR. It is the first fine for violation of the GDPR applied to a tech company and, at the same time, the largest fine the GDPR of until now. From the looks of it, Google would not correctly inform users about the personal data collected and has not offered effective methods of filtering them.
According to the authority of France, the settings for the collection of personal data offered by Google are formulated much too ambiguous and cannot be understood by users of the row. Also, Google does not mention concretely what purposes these data are processed personal. Representatives of the american company came immediately with an official statement through which to know that they are prepared to meet high standards of transparency imposed at the european level.
Consumer groups from seven european countries have lodged complaints, the GDPR against tracking the location by Google (according to Reuters). The European Consumers ‘ organisation (BEUC), in which each group, argues that the “deceptive practices” of Google in regards to the location tracking does not offer users a real choice in terms of activation or deactivation of the location and that Google does not inform properly about what is involved in this tracking. If the complaints will be accepted, they would be able to bring them a fine large enough the giant search engine.
The complaints, which every group has issued by national authorities of data protection in accordance with the rules of the GDPR, come in the wake of the discovery of the fact that Google can track user’s location even when the option “location History” is off. A second setting, “the Activity on the web and in apps”, which is enabled by default, must also be disabled to prevent the total of the GPS tracking.
BEUC claims that Google used “deceptive practices” because it leaves them willfully on the users to have enabled these two options and do not inform them fully about what is involved in this. As such, consent is not freely given.
Google responded to the complaints, arguing that “History” is disabled by default and that disabling it does not prevent the tracking of all locations. Google has said that it intends to read the report to see if it contains information that could be taken into account.
Google is not the only IT giant that is faced with a complaint GDPR major. At the beginning of this year, the irish data protection said it would investigate the company Facebook in connection with a security breach that affected 29 million accounts. Being a new legislation adopted in may, violations of the GDPR are still relatively untested in the courts, so it is not very clear how powerful it will be if these seven groups of consumers. If successful, the regulation GDPR shows us that Google could be forced to pay a fine of up to four percent of its overall revenues, which would be over 4 billion dollars, on the basis of deposits in the year 2017.

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17 Dec 2018

3 things to do after a major update

The people at Google do the updates in regular basis to improve system and search engine. In the world of SEO the only thing you can be sure of is change because the algorithm is changed around 5-600 times each year. Most of the times these updates are small and are not observed, that until the moment in which Google made major updates.

To react properly in times in which they are made important updates you need to follow three simple rules, but very important that will help you to keep your composure and make the right move for customers, but also for you.

Updates major of the algorithm can be stressful, but we can never make a list with all the changes from Google. We panic for things I don’t know them fully is a waste of energy.

Let’s talk about the most recent update, namely Penguin.

At the time of the launch of Penguin 4.0, Google has provided information about the update. While there have been a number of changes, they gave us a couple of explicit detail which gives a clear picture of the harsh things that we have to wait.

Penguin is now more detailed.

Before knowing these information, many were talking about what will bring this update. Some statements were real, but others do not, but one thing is for sure. If you panicked the most, you’ve probably done a lot of undue worry.

In conclusion, when a major update to close won’t panic.

It is very tempting to make changes on the site but this may be totally useless for your site might not be affected.

Most often if you are doing SEO correctly, your site most likely will not be affected in a negative way and might even have an increase.

Google’s mission is to provide the users exactly what they are looking for and that’s why change the algorithm constantly to push webmasters to create sites and content better. Google often changes the algorithm wants to eliminate spam and back-hat SEO.

Before he react will recommend you to wait days or even weeks to see if your site has been affected in any way and only after the act.

The choice of the place from which to start is usually the hardest decision.

Read all of the information posted by them and analyze what they have watched through updates made. If your site has been affected, most likely you have to work on those things.

In the moment In which Google will not provide all the information, document from other credible sources to create an overall picture .

When you make adjustments to your site after an update, make sure that you make only one change to be able to measure its impact.

Updates to the major are very scary, but if you do a optimization SEO correct, you have a quality content targeted by the user and you earn links from credible websites and specific niche, everything should be fine. If you buy links and content, Google is in behind your ready to charge.

When you are warned about a major update, stay calm, wait to see the impact and then make the necessary adjustments. We don’t know all the factors that are the basis of Google but we know that their mission is to give an accurate answer in a very short time.

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30 Nov 2018

Amazon and technology artificial

Amazon and technology artificial

Tesla, Uber, General Motors and many others are working on an autonomous car and making slow progress in this area. Amazon launches its own autonomous car, but not how you’d expect, and for which you could even create you the algorithm to drive autonomous.
Amazon Web Services, the division of cloud giant Amazon announced an unusual product: a toy car autonomous that we can schedule you and us.
Andy Jassy, the CEO of Amazon Web Services has announced AWS DeepRace, car toy remote control, but that the programmers can make it work alone. The car is sold with $ 400 and will be available starting next year.
The car remote has four-wheel drive and can learn to walk alone with the help of artificial intelligence, through a process of trial and error. The autonomous car “receives” rewards when you stay on route, because it avoids obstacles and when I do crash, so the car learns to become self-sufficient with time.
AWS DeepRacer has a processor Intel Atom, is also found on some tablets and laptops, a photo sensor of 4 megapixels with a 1080p resolution to detect obstacles and free Wi-Fi.
If you interested then find out that you can actually you program the car with their own learning algorithms, using the Amazon SageMaker, the service for artificial intelligence of the Amazon. You can test the algorithm in a 3D simulation then if it is put you can implement in your car and have your own autonomous car.
To make things even more interesting, AWS launches a competition for autonomous cars and will keep racing along next year. Thus, developers will be able to see who has the algorithm that makes the autonomous car to go the faster.
The same methods by which you learn DeepRacer lead can be used and for the machines true that transports people or cargo.
After introduced on the market your Kindle ten years ago, the company Amazon would want to produce robots for domestic, that could enter the market in 2019, according to Bloomberg.
The project the Vest was started by Amazon in several years ago, but the American company has stepped up recruitment for specialists in robotics, sensors and development software. According to Bloomberg, Amazon would want as employees involved in the project to test the first robots in their own homes even in this year. Then, the robots household could reach the market in 2019.
It is not clear yet which tasks will be able to perform the robot household, developed by Amazon. Those who have information about the project spectacular that the robot Vest i could accompany customers in certain parts of their house, where I don’t have the devices Echo, another technology developed by Amazon. The prototypes of the robots will have cameras performances, software for controlling the computer and will be able to go through the housing, through a technology similar to that used by autonomous cars.
The project is different from the robots designed by Amazon Robotics, a subsidiary of the company, from Massachusetts and Germany. Amazon Robotics created robots that are used in the warehouses of Amazon, to manage the stocks of goods.

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22 Oct 2018

How do you get your site on SSL gratuity

How do you get your site on SSL gratuity

Google has announced that from July 2018 sites without HTTPS will be marked in the Chrome 68 as “Not secure”.
Somehow Google is forcing and forcing indirectly the administrators of sites to install SSL certificates in view of the popularity of the Chrome browser.
They try for years to make the transition from http to https and have had very good results, somewhere between 70 and 80% of the traffic in Chrome is secured by a https connection. That doesn’t mean that 80% of the sites have SSL certificates, I have not found a statistics, but 81 of the top 100 sites have https.
HTTPS is a web protocol through which the communication between the site and the user is secured/encrypted by using a SSL certificate. The latter is a file with encrypted data that has its place on the server. In the sea, SSL is an encrypted link between the web server and the browser of the visitor which ensures the safety of data transfer between the two.
HTTPS is a communications protocol for the transfer of encrypted information through the WWW. It was developed from the need to protect themselves from intruders the transfer of data via HTTP – a protocol, “clear-text”, by which the data on the web server are transmitted to the client browser in clear, possibilities to intercept this transfer, constituting all possibilities to access and use without restriction such information.
The advantages of the connection is HTTPS
Provides a secure connection, helps to protect users ‘ information, logins, personal information, etc.
It is one of the factors of ranking on Google appreciates them increasingly more, so offers an advantage in the establishment of the position in the searches,
It is a confidence factor, that green lock in the URL bar of the browser tells users that the site is secure and protected,
Variant EV (extended validation) offers and information about the organization/company behind the site, another factor of trust.
Some information about the SSL certificate EV
This certificate is also known under the name of Green bar, obvious why. In the address bar appears the name of the organization/company behind the site. The price of such a certificate begins on the 80$/year and most of the companies hosting offers you the opportunity to purchase and setup of one. There is a free version because there is a manual check of those that make application for this certificate.
There are additional benefits, it’s just a way to show off the security and get more easy the confidence of users.

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