Each type of hosting service we provide is further optimized unique

Whether it is the service of hosting personal or corporate and other services customized hosting, we have the ability, experience and flexibility to provide you with online solutions perfectly tailored.

Experience: We define ourselves by hosting solutions deployed on the infrastructure of cutting edge technologies in the data center own that has offered modern technical facilities through which it is implemented redundancy for all key elements that contribute to ensuring uninterrupted services.

Whom we address: We address all those for which the point is the hardware solutions for high performance, increased availability, an Internet network fast and stable. We offer support to each client through tansparență total, stability and security regardless of the number or size of services.

The present: With a presence of over 19 years on the national and international market of IT services, with a portfolio of over 20000 happy customers, and over 27,000 areas served by servers shared web hosting, we continue to learn, to adapt and to develop new solutions and services to meet the most demanding requirements of our customers.

Top-Quality Service: we guarantee through SLA service availability, the time required for the repair, and financial responsibility for non-compliance. If you have a project and want to launch it but you don’t know the necessary details, we’ll put at your disposal our experience to get to know all the details that you need for choosing a package of services perfectly adapted to your project.

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NAV Communications is the data center that has offered modern technical facilities through which it is implemented redundancy for all key elements that contribute to ensuring uninterrupted to our servers or those co-located.

Connectivity in the Data Center our site is carried out by interconnections stable with large national operators and international having peering links over 400G. Thus, in the Data Center our website you will benefit from connectivity to the internet stable and secure.

Access in the Data Center anytime
DDoS protection/DOS hardware
Monitoring services 24x7x365
Technical support 24x7x365
Support Remote Hands
Start/Stop/restart server
KVM-over-IP (According to TOS)

Three-phase power
Air-conditioning redundant N+1
Detection and fire extinguishing
The temperature and humidity sensors
Sensors of presence of water
2 active sessions BGP per provider
2 physical connections with each provider

Infrastructure full Cisco
Intel servers, Dell, HP, Supermicro
UPS APC of 120kVA
PDU (Power Ditribution Unit) Dell
Diesel generators Kipor
System professional anti-seismically
Cooling systems HVAC Daikin

We built the entire internal network using Cisco equipment in redundant configuration: the border router equipped with dual supervisor, connections with multiple ISPS, functions of management out-of-band. The links interconnect between racks are made using multiple ties. The layer distribution and aggregation has been built using equipment from the series 4500 (4900M, 4948-10GE).

Some company values

  • Confident
  • Price
  • Support

Confidently choose the Hosting services from VPSMix. Our goal is to provide hosting services fast and efficient with uptime of 99.99%, such as websites your to work flawlessly in any time.

Hosting at the best quality / price ratio. We offer hosting fast on hardware platforms enterprise full SSD for speed and performance!
We use SSD Professional in RAID10 and processors enterprise from the latest generation Intel Xeon E5, complemented by software.

Monitoring and notification proactive incident
Remote reboot or reset in 1 minute
Installation and reinstallation of the operating system
Priority access to technical support team, 24/7/365
Applications free for Start/stop/reboot server


Over three years, we benefit from the services VPSMIX, for us and our clients. I appreciated the quickness with which I was served. And the endless patience and attention.

Alberta Baggio Founder Baggio Group

I have a few days a VPS from VPSMIX and I wrote to say that I am pleased and I congratulate you for the quality of services. I hope this VPS to be the beginning of a beautiful collaboration.

Kevin Brugne CEO & Founder Maribo

I congratulate you for the professionalism that you showed, we are very pleased with your services. definitely in the time that you’ll expire the service to renew.

Karl Ardeen CEO & Founder Geckoos

Our Values

Interactively redefine economically sound services whereas

Permanent protection

Your own solution against attacks that analyze traffic at the level of “packet” and high performance hardware equipped with network interfaces 10GE.

Uptime guaranteed

We offer 99.9% uptime according to the SLA and constantly invest in technology, to ensure our clients the highest standard of quality.

Secure access

Access in the data center is allowed only to authorized persons, and customers of colocation have access only accompanied by a supervisor of the technical team VPSMix.

Management Team

Each type of hosting service we provide is further optimized

Kate Howston


Dave Peterson


Mary Jane


Alex Woodstock


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