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About Gadgets

When talking about gadgets, we talk about how they are manufactured, with what operating system it works on.
10% of the Android gadgets on the market are Ice Cream Sandwich, after Jelly Bean 4.1. This version was not a success, but 2.3.3 Gingerbread has reached a fairly high market share, which is around 64% of all Android gadgets.
The Android 4.1 operating system Jelly Bean brings improvements without Ice Cream Sandwich. The most important thing is improving the response speed and graphics in Android. A main advantage is that in the main bar you can get Pulse and Gmail information without having to open the application, this operating system also includes a smart keyboard, Voive Typing offline, and a new way to find information On Google. The camera also has improvements, and images can be easily deleted from the galleries.
The Android system reaches almost 75% of the market, becoming the world’s largest system, only 5 years after the launch of the mobile operating system.
Today, figures have become impressive in the smartphone market.
Many other new gadgets appeared on the market this year, namely:
The Ibaby monitor M2 is also a parent gadget to watch babies permanently and not only. I can watch what’s happening in the house. By downloading the Ibaby View, you can also take pictures every time this device detects motion, and they are sent to smarthphone.
With Weenect Kids you can monitor your child’s location. This is how it connects to the smartphone. It works with a built-in SIM card, which is compatible with any telephone operator. He can be attached to the backpack and you can track where the baby is moving. It also has a button that the child can press and will alert you when the smartphone needs help. If you set to notify when it arrives at a location, you will receive a notification. You can locate it with a map.
A smart mug certainly did not expect you to be invented. Cana Smart Star can take care of liquids to drink daily. It works with 2 AAA batteries and has a display that indicates the temperature of the water. It reminds the owner that he or she has to drink water or liquid that you put inside, every 2 hours, it blinks 8 times. Something interesting is that at night you can beat your cup to find the cup or touch the surface where it is and the mug shines, finding it very light in the dark. It has a capacity of 400 ml.
If you do not have a smart TV in the house and you want one, you do not have to change the one you already have, just by purchasing a Chromecast, a device that will turn your TV into a Smart TV. You can connect it through the HDMI socket and watch what you want on your tablet or smartphone, right on your TV, all the while you can use your gadgets without any interruption what you have transposed onto the screen.
A smart Bra Myzone was invented to calculate the effort, measuring the heart rate. The Myzone MZ-3 device can be attached to the bra and monitored. He can also be attached to other sports clothes.
A bag that feels the phone and loads it you hear?
It has been designed with magnetic protection for Iphone 6s or 6s Plus. You can put your phone in a specially designed pocket that closes alone and the smart bag feels and loads it automatically.
A laser batik that works on the basis of photosynthesis is very interesting. It is called Hairmax and is provided on the inside with plastic studs separating the hair shafts, and the laser stimulates their growth. A session lasts 90 seconds. The battery operates with batteries, which is used by both men and women.

Apple focuses on creating autonomous vehicles. This technology is the most important and a very difficult project that Appple is working on. A number of other major car manufacturers have been involved in this field.
The Iphone maker hired about a thousand engineers to work on this project.
Smart gadgets were invented to copy exams, hidden in clocks, rubber, with a clothes antenna that transmits the photo, and the one who receives it dictates through a helmet.
Apple’s smartphone, called Apple HomePod, can be turned on with virtual assistant. It has 6 built-in microphones so the voice from any part of the room is heard.
With a simple command: “ Hey Siri“, the box will start. It can answer questions about weather, traffic.
It can also work with other home devices, smart devices. It offers very good sound quality, adjustable music and depending on the size of the room. She can learn what music you like and can select the only few songs for her owner. It is available on white and gray and costs around $ 350, a fairly high price, but it does all the money.

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